The Kingdom of Narella was always considered one of the three most powerful kingdoms in the world. However it was a rather passive kingdom unlike the other two most powerful. This attracted many lesser kingdoms to try and invade. But between their military strength, mass of resources, and the massive walls that surround the kingdom the lesser kingdoms stood no chance. Only once has Narella been in actual danger from an invasion. This was when the Kingdom of Creiwyn declared war on the kingdom. Wanting the land seeing as it was a strategic military point. The war only lasted a few weeks. Both sides seemed to be a standstill. Some even say Narella had the advantage and was pushing away Creiwyn forces. But then in a mysterious turn of events the King announced to everyone that Narella was surrendering. Creiwyn allowed Narella to keep their independence but on the condition that Narella adopts Creiwyn’s system of law. As well as giving Creiwyn the ability to move their troops through Narella land and taxes be paid to the Kingdom of Creiwyn.

Naturally the citizens were outraged. Some of them sympathizing with the king and accepting less bloodshed was the better course. Some of them calling the king a coward and demanding to go back to war. But what really tore the populace into two sides was the adoption of Creiwyn law. More specifically the law stating any mages must be turned over to the Kingdom of Creiwyn. Stating that mages are a military weapon and thus not to be trusted without supervision. With that law the Kingdom of Narella was plunged into its first civil war. While most of the kingdom is supporting the king in his decision, the rebellion is putting up a fight. All their attacks are clearly well thought out with minimal casualties in mind. Striking in just the right places to cripple the kingdom’s military. Though if any of these rebels are caught they are killed without trial. Not only that the kindom hunts down any of those who help the rebels with extreme prejudice.

While Narella has a surprising amount of cities within their walls it is still mostly forest. This is something quite useful against invading forest. But that’s not why there is so much forest. The Kingdom of Narella has been chopping down trees since its founding and has still only put a small dent in the overall size of the forest. There are a few small lakes but the major lake is the one the capital of the kingdom sits upon. A body of water big enough that some might call it a sea. All the major cities of Narella rest upon this lake. But at the center lays the capital of the kingdom: Pheonixfall and thus where the king lives. The cities throughout the forest are often considered the poor cities. Struggling being so far away from their king and thus all the kingdom’s resources. Nothing embodies this more than Crow’s Perch.

Prominent Cities


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